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This is the Serjeantry, the grand pagentry that performs services and trains for the Knighthood of the Order.

ARMORER and WEAPONSMITH (Serjeant) Galeth
Race: Khazir   Class: Mage
Age: Old
The Mighty Galeth, Armorer and Weaponsmith of the Templar Knights, Lord of Dreshada and Master Drake Trainer. An extremely formidable old khazir, Galeth is respected -- both for his powerful magical skills, his elite black drake, and also for his battle scars that he dons so honorably (especially one most professional-looking covering an eye). Besides his great Drake, he has a penchant for collecting exotic weapons and equipment, and thus is in business with (and a Brother of) the Order, giving his services and help to all.

Race: Vexin   Class: Cleric
Age: Late 30s
The impressive Paladin of the Templar Knights, Kanta is a powerful fighting cleric whose divine Holy Words banish undead to the netherworld of Zahtriax. A skilled collector and excavator, he owns many rare items and pieces of equipment, and has always had a name for himself in Ellandor. When one sees this Angel of Adria, then it is certain that help is near, and fear is broken!

Race: Human   Class: Cleric
Age: Unknown
The Vanguard of the Righteous, Vortrus is a mysterious man who comes from a very distant land, far from the reaches of ships. He seems a cryptic fellow, but is very kind, also fitting right in with his fellow Brothers of the Order. He also is an extremely powerful priest, whose divine Holy Words are known to banish evil to their forsaken shadows (like his Brother Kanta). Being a Templar and a Paladin from his own far land, Vortrus is a good man, and because of this was given a problem that has now turned into the Task of Vortrus, under his command.

SQUIRE Aspir A'tsun
Race: Human   Class: Warrior
Age: 20s  Bound to: Sir Sathek
A Squire of Lord Sathek, the Archmage and Holy Knight, Aspir A'tsun is a very strong young man both of will and of prowess. He is familiar with many peoples of different cities all over Ellandor, and is more than eager to defend the people he loves from any form of Evil he may encounter. He is a bright young fellow, always happy to help and defend, full of stout bravery and courage. Often, he has revealing and prophetic dreams, both helping his fellow Brothers and also telling of his own aspirations.

Race: Khazir   Class: Druid
Age: 20s  Bound to: Lady Melina
So far, this Son of Amja is bound to the Knighthood, giving services, help and assistance whenever required. In return, Daegra recieves training and more to protect his natural homes and friends from unfriendly intruders. In the meantime, this druid is bent on survivalism, both learning and practicing constantly from his forest family, as well as exploration.

PAGE Eugenidis Bloodraven  **RETIRED**
Race: Human   Class: Thief
Age: Early 20s
The page Eugenidis is also bound to the Knighthood instead of only one owner for the moment, and is a strong young man with a sad heart.

Race: Khazir  Class: Warrior
Age: Late 20s   Bound to: Seneschal Ulandos

INITIATE Fersun Valsharn
Race: Unknown   Class: Cleric
Age: Ancient   Bound to: Master Valsharn

INITIATE Xumlox Suibrox
Race: Sul'sylar  Class: Mage
Age: Unknown   Bound to: Master Suibrox

INITIATE Misheto Orghund
Race: Unknown  Class: Warrior
Age: Mid-20s Bound to: Grand Master Orghund

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