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The Knighthood
This is the famous Knighthood of the Ancient Order of the Templar Knights, the best of the best.


Race: Alth'Sylar   Class: Mage
Age: Old
The Mage Sathek is world-renowned for his great feats of good and care. He is always full of youth and spirit, with the agility and power of a youth rather than an old decrepit wizard. Not only is he the First Holy Knight of the Templars, but he is an Archmage, one of two in the entire world, of the protective sylari organization known as Aleph'Rom'Sylari. With the grand Aleph'Rom'Sylari at his command, and with his Brother Knights from the Order, he is one to be respected (and feared for a certain few).

HOLY KNIGHT Lady Melina Or'iol
Race: Trundlar   Class: Cleric
Age: Old
The mighty Melina Or'iol has a history that spans all of Ellandor, both in time and space. She was a former High Commander of the Nok Army and Holy Warrior of the Empire, fighting ferociously for her cause; however since her excommunication from and disillusionment with Nok, she has promoted peace and prosperity wherever she goes, from her home on the island of Cha'Kra to her new hometown of Devenon, using her great powers of the Light to heal and cure as well as vanquish Evil.



KNIGHT Sir Tokoto
Race: Trundlar   Class: Warrior
Age: 20s
The Whirlwind of Cha'Kra, Tokoto is a Blade Stormer and devout fighter of the Templar cause. Having lost his family early on, he was recruited by a hooded Templar in a neighborhood bar in his old home. Now he is polishing his skills in the ways of the Templar, and perfecting his efficient skills with his mentor Sathek, with whom he has been bound to since he was a small Squire.

KNIGHT Sir Azirel Firesong
Race: Vexin   Class: Warrior
Age: 20s
The son of the Herald, Prince Odiren Firesong, Sir Azirel Firesong is a gifted and very formidable warrior. Always on his war elephant Vladimir, he has also been known as the Whispered Wings of War, and is feared by many evil creatures for his supreme battle skills with a sword. He also owns many rare items, and especially weapons, that only add to his grand entourage and ability.

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