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The Ancient Order of the Templar Knights


Welcome to the Ancient Order of the Templar Knights!
This is a player organization from the text-based MUD Abandoned Reality, a fantasy roleplaying game.
If you don't have an account, then sign up- it's free, it's played around the world, and it's fun too!

Templarism Manual
Current Events
Membership List

The Templar Knights are a powerful Knighthood that stand for the protection of all people and the complete annihilation of evil from the world. In the days of old, they were shining knights of valor and courage who vanquished the evil archlich Xaquar Blackheart and his army of undead with their own blood. Now, after an Age has passed, the Prophecy of the Tattered Scroll has come true and the Templar Knights have returned to fight the Evils that have returned to plague Ellandor!

The Ultimate Goal of the Templar Knights to provide the necessary and proper Justice and Defense for all the peoples of Ellandor, against the forces of Evil, in all manifestations and manners it may come. In addition to this, it is a goal of the Templars to Knights to advance the collection, research and preservation of ancient, rare, special, and especially Holy artifacts and relics of the present and of the past, so that the Secrets of the Past may remain to exist, the Cultures of Ellandor may thrive, and the Histories of Ellandor may be preserved.

Want to sign up and join the cause?
Once you have created an account and player, contact any member of the Templar Council (as noted on the membership list) in the game on the Personal Board with the subject "TKJOIN: <character name>". Once one of the Templar Council has read your application, you may be enrolled upon your meeting.

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