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Templar Council
These select few named here are the heads of the Ancient Order of the Templar Knights, the Templar Council.

GRAND MASTER Orghund ("Stonebreaker") [FOUNDER]
Race: Bulbar   Class: Warrior
Age: Late 40s
The Divine Child, Orghund is the prophetic bringer and Leader of the new Templars. A former Nok slave, he is reputed to have god-like strength, and is wise and strangely intelligent beyond his years, both from his contact with the Ancients and with the help of his friends. He is an imposing figure, towering and lumbering, owning a peculiar long grey beard with a long shock of white hair down the middle, and is never found without his equally massive War Elephant, named Herald.Unlike all other Bulbars of Ellandor, the Grand Master has been educated fully, and is an Oracle -- which explains his powerful intelligence and wisdom, as well as his beard.

Race: Halgan   Class: Warrior
Age: Mid 40s
A Knight Errant of his native Phirezal, Ulandos is an extremely formidable warrior in his own right, owning several rare weapons and artifact Templar weapons in addition to his skill and prowess. This lean, kindly halgan possesses a professional style and finesse that reveals brilliance, wisdom and cunning, and may always be seen riding his magnificent mare, Ronsonne.

MASTER of Doors Valsharn [FOUNDER]
Race: Trundlar   Class: Monk (Master)
Age: Mid 30s
An agile martial artist, Valsharn is the Master Monk of the Order, both ferocious on the battlefield and extremely pious in the Temple. The eccentric trundlar is also fond of 'newfangled trundlar gadgets', always building and working with shiny metal contraptions after his daily meditation in the Temple. He is a great example of the fighting Templar -- valorous in battle, hospitable to friends, and reverend in the Temple.

MASTER of Keyes (Champion) Suibrox Al'Suibro [FOUNDER]
Race: Half-elf   Class: Psionicist (Master)
Age: Ancient
An ancient half-elf from darker days of past, the master psionicist Suibrox has many long years of training, practice and experience in the field of battle, teaching, as well as in the preservation and enhancement of collected artifacts and relics. Around him lays an aura of mystery, perhaps shrouding dark memories of the Evils of the past and hidden power waiting to shine forth.

Race: Human   Class: Mage
Age: Very Old
The Great Mage Darminikin is a very powerful and active man in Ellandor, being not only the Librarian of the Templar Order but also on the Council of the White Rose, an organization dedicated to the preservation of life and healing of it. He is a dark, wise and shrewd man, of a commanding presence, and is also happily married to two loves- his wife Torena, and his multitude of books.

HERALD (Champion) Prince Odiren Firesong
Race: Vexin   Class: Bard
Age: Late 40s
The renowned Bard of Ellandor and Prince of Dalrikon, Odiren Firesong is the strong-willed and enchanting Herald of the Templar Order. He is the father of a living dynasty of Firesongs from Dalrikon, such as the Great Mage Neryn Firesong (wife), daughter Val'Ric'Dal, and mighty Sir Azirel Firesong, son and Knight of the Order as well (like father, like son!). Many a good tale have been written about the great Odiren Firesong and his Flaming Harp.

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